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Is everything that I talk about confidential? -  Confidentiality is fundamental to the Counselling process and is essential in building trust between you and the Counsellor. During your first session, the Counsellor will run through confidentiality with you and certain situations where confidentiality may be broken.


What if I don’t know where to start or what to say? - No problem. Counsellors know that it can feel very daunting and difficult to open up. The Counsellor will put you at ease quickly and offer a safe, non-judgemental environment in which to talk.


What will I do in the first session? - The Counsellor will introduce themselves to you and run through the ‘contract’. This is not written but, verbally outlines the number of sessions, timings, health and safety and of course confidentiality, together with its limitations. Following this, the Counsellor will probably then ask ‘So..what brings you to counselling’? Clients are often surprised at how quickly the session passes.


I’m not used to showing emotions – what if I get emotional?.  - You don’t have to show emotion – many people don’t. Equally, you won’t be judged if you do. It is a safe and supportive environment where you are free to express your feelings and emotions as you wish.


How will Counselling benefit me?. - By providing you with a safe and supportive space to talk freely and openly about what may be going on for you and how you feel - counselling can help you better understand your needs, behaviours and feelings and how best to move forward.

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