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Anger is a normal, human response to various situations where a person feels attacked, unfairly judged, lied to, betrayed or unreasonably treated, to name just a few. Anger can be a very powerful emotion. It ranges from mild irritation to rage and can be very destructive.

Anger can become a problem when the anger response is disproportionate to the trigger,  too frequent, or mis-directed. It can have a  very adverse affect on peoples lives and in extreme forms, ruin relationships, damage careers and lead to criminal behaviour.

Anger symptoms can include.

  • Shouting, arguing and hostile behaviour.

  • Abusive and threatening behaviour.

  • Self harm.

  • Physical abuse.

  • Adversely affects physical health.

  • Damaging to relationships.

  • Adversely affects careers/jobs.

  • Feeling out of control.

How can Counselling help?

Counselling can help you understand the underlying causes of your anger, how it affects you and those around you.

It will help you to remain calm and in control whilst expressing anger appropriately and safely.

  • Understand your cycle of anger and how to break it.

  • Identify where the anger comes from.

  • Understand the emotions and feelings attached to the anger and the impact..

  • Learn to remain calmer and more in control.

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